1. Carefree Clearwater

    www.carefreeclearwater.comCornelia, GA, United States

    Chlorine-free swimming. Save thousands in chemicals. Automatically purify pool/spa with natural mineral ions. Salt chlorine alternative. NASA-patented technology pays for itself. Lifetime warranty.

  2. Common Sense Solutions

    www.HealthProtector.comRougemont, NC

    "World's most effective drinking water system." Highest-quality water, pennies per gallon. Stainless steel systems, lifetime warranty, money-back guarantee! Sink, refrigerator, shower, and whole-house—best value. Free brochure. Questions encouraged!

  3. Green Things/Kishu Charcoal

    Denver, CO

    Kishu Charcoal is the simple, green, plastic-free way to filter tap water. Made by artisans, using ancient techniques, Kishu bonds with toxins, imparts minerals, and makes tap water taste delicious! One stick lasts four months and then has a second life as an odor absorber.

  4. Lakota Scientific, Inc.

    www.lakotascientific.comSaint Paul, MN

    All-new, upgraded product line. Factory-direct prices, unconditional guarantee. For kitchen, office, or whole house. Over 20 years in business--thanks!

  5. New Wave Enviro Products

    www.newwaveenviro.comEnglewood, CO

    Economical and sustainable products, ranging from shower and drinking water filters to a complete line of reusable bottles from stainless steel to BPT-free plastic.

  6. ShowerFilterStore

    www.showerfilterstore.com/Fayetteville, AR

    Shower Water Filters, Drinking Water Filters, Whole House Water Filters, Replacement Cartridges & Accessories.

  7. Quest

    www.questgreensolutions.comSanta Rosa, CA

    Quest offers effective green technologies to solve many of our needs without hurting ourselves and the planet. Our green product line includes the Vulcan ultrasound anti-scale system, the Organic Orange TKO multipurpose D-limonene concentrate, the Bidematic Bidet Attachment and the Infrared Sensor Faucet Adapter. Read about these technologies at www.questgreensolutions.com

  8. Sweetwater, LLC

    www.cleanairpurewater.comBrookside, UT

    I review your water report with you and recommend the water purification system that provides you with healthy water. Call today!