3450 Geary Blvd.
    San Francisco, CA 94118

    Account Minimum: $250.000. Fee of 1%, less for larger portfolios.

    David Kim, President, in SRI since 1983 as a founder of Working Assets.

    Environmentally and socially responsible investment management and financial advice that aligns personal values with financial goals using portfolios customized for each client's social and financial criteria.

    Long active track record in providing services of financial advisor, investment advisor, investment manager and money manager to socially responsible investors since 1980's. Based in San Francisco, California.

    We also provide financial planner services to our clients, free of charge, which is critical especially for retirement planning.

    We incorporate high impact investing such as clean energy and green technology, fossil-fuel free, non-GMO, natural processes, micro lending, and community investing.

    Our focus is to provide a highly competitive financial return, high quality personalized client relationships, help clients create positive social change, and practice with a high standard of ethics that inspires trust.

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