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5000 years of herbal healing at your fingertips, The benefits of Goat's Milk in the palm of your hands, blended to bring organic healing and health to your skin with this ultimate head-to-toe beauty product. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Made in USA

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1012 Califon-Cokesbury Rd. Lebanon, New Jersey, United States 08833

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A product with a purpose! When Natural Means Natural! No Hidden Ingredients! No False Marketing Tactics! Dr. Desai Soap is the Real Deal! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dr. Desai Soap is made in the USA by an accomplished pharmaceutical scientist with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (over 15 patents and publications). Dr. Desai is also experienced in Ayurveda Medicine which is a proven herbal healing science practiced in India for over 5000 years. Dr. Desai Soap is designed by a naturalist who brings the benefits of both worlds. Take advantage of the ancient Ayurvedic properties and the knowledge of a modern scientist.

Use a soap that contains nothing less than pure organic essential oils and herbs. All our soap products use a real goat's milk base to promote a moisturizing & nourishing result without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, perfumes, or chemical foaming agents. All Dr. Desai Soap products contain at least 33% real goat’s milk, which accounts for its ability to leave your skin clean and naturally moisturized. There is a soap that is right for all skin conditions and all seasons, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dr. Desai Soap practices “Full Disclosure” and lists all ingredients on product labeling regardless of the amount used in the manufacturing of our soap. There are no hidden ingredients when you use any of Dr. Desai Soap products unlike other commercial soap and cosmetic products, where FDA labeling requirements may only apply to ingredients used in quantities greater than .1% for being listed on the product ingredient label. In addition, we offer Green Packaging with our reusable cotton drawstring bag and seed infused plantable paper labels that will grow a gift of wild flowers. The handmade paper is made from renewable resources, making it very environmentally sound.

We at Dr. Desai Soap believe in seeking nourishment from the earth and reciprocating by giving nourishment in return.

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Desai Farms of Tewksbury
1012 Califon-Cokesbury Rd
Lebanon, NJ 08833

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